Coaching is the experience of a lifetime. From the enthusiasm of Friday night games, to seeing  players set new records in the off-season, coaching is always gratifying. The opportunity to coach young athletes and watch them grow into young men and women cannot be replaced. It is a joy to see an athlete grow from a junior high athlete to a varsity senior preparing themselves for college, and for a successful future. I coach because of my desire to have an impact on the lives of today’s youth. I coach because I can be a positive role model for those who need one. The teamwork, discipline, work ethic, and friendships gained from athletics are irreplaceable. 

Watching athletes mature from an experience and learn to make good decisions is why I coach. Athletic programs teach young people how to handle adverse situations and helps them come up with positive solutions to life’s challenges. I coach because coaching allows me to counsel the youth whenever they need help on or off the field. Seeing today’s youth succeed is my goal and passion.  

I coach because of the drive I have for competition. I have a drive to be the best at what I do. Being the best does not come easy, but is a motivator for success. My goal is to instill lifelong values that can be used in everyday life. I hope to motivate athletes and push them to be the best they can be.  The young people we teach and coach are our future and it is a pleasure to see today’s youth turn into tomorrow’s leaders. Watching a young teen become an adult is a priceless experience.