In order to have a good football program, a coach must have a year-round program. Coaches must work, plan, and organize so that the short duration of actual practice and games do not just happen, but are the results of a fully planned program that begins with commitment and organization.

A complete program begins with organization and communication in all phases of the season; pre-season, in-season, and off-season. Everything begins with a plan and must be presented in an organized manner. There should never be any doubt to the athletes or coaches about the goals of the program. When both coaches and athletes believe and know what is expected of them, positive work is achieved. By having all aspects of the program well-organized, efficiency will be reached in a limited amount of time.

Communication is absolutely essential to the success of a program. Everyone that is connected with the program must feel informed. There must be constant communication with the coaching staff. The staff must “buy in” to the entire philosophy of the team. Coaches must always feel they have privileged communication and are in tune with the principles and goals of the program.